Second Law of Motion

" The acceleration of an object depends on the mass of the

object and the amount of force applied. "


Newton realized that two things effected an object's acceleration.

#1: The size of the force. ( How hard we push or pull.)

#2: The object's mass. (The amount of matter of the object.)

Acceleration = net force divided by mass

Here are some examples:

If you increase the net force the acceleration will increase.

If Superman pushed on a huge truck, with a net force of 25 N the truck might move slightly.

But if his friends came to help him and their total net force was 25ooN of force, then the truck would move much more.

If you increase the mass though, the acceleration will decrease.

If I push on the feather with a net force of 10 N the feather will sail through the air.

But if I apply that same 10N of force to the sumo wrestler, he probably will not even budge.


Check your understanding:

1. The formula for Newton's seconds Law of Motion is ________________.

2. The SI unit for force is__________________.    

3. To determine the acceleration of an object you need to know its _________________ and _____________________.

4. If you increase the force on a moving object, then its ______________ will also increase.


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