All free falling objects, that is objects which encounter NO air resistance and are being pulled only by the Force of gravity, will accelerate towards earth at the same rate. Specially that rate is 9.8 m/s/s. Look at the picture to the left. If both the elephant and mouse were "free falling" they would indeed reach the ground at the SAME exact time.



This is known as the acceleration due to gravity. In our lab we drop 3 plastic eggs of different masses from the same height and proved this.



If you were on the moon your weight would change but NOT your mass. Your mass is the amount of matter of you. Your weight is the gravitational pull. Watch in the video how an astronaut drops a hammer and a feather on the moon. Guess what???? They fell to the moon's surface at the same exact time. The moon does not have an atmosphere, therefore there is no air resistance.

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mass "vs" weight

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Want to find out how much you would weigh on different planets?

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Quiz Yourself:

Answer True or false

1. Mass and weight are the same thing.

2. Weight is the measure of gravitational attraction of an object. .    

3. On the surface of the moon your weight would be different than it is here on Earth.

4. On the surface of the moon your mass would be different than it is here on Earth.

5. When you use an ordinary bathroom scale you are measuring your weight.

6. You can use a triple-beam balance to measure an object's weight.

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