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To Find the Mass of Anything:

Mass is the amount of matter in something.

The mass of the object will be the sum of the three beams.

Read the triple beam balance below.

What is the object's mass?

The basic unit of measure for mass is the

To Find the Mass of a Liquid:

Since you cannot just pour the liquid directly on the pan of the balance beam you need to put it in a container.

For example:

Let's find the mass of 47.0 mL of water.

1. Pour 47.0 mL of water into a beaker.

2. Measure the mass of the beaker with water.

3. Measure the mass of the beaker without the water.

4. (SUBTRACT) The mass of the water is the difference.

What is the mass of 47.0 mL?

To Find the Volume of a Liquid

Scientists use a graduated cylinder to measure the volume of something.

Remember volume is the amount of space an object takes up.

Because the liquid is curved, to read the volume correctly you must look at the meniscus (the bottom of the curve).

Read the graduated cylinder to the right.

What is the volume of the liquid?



To find the volume of an Irregular shaped solid:

1. Fill the graduated cylinder to 50.0 mL.

2. Drop the object in on an angle.

3. Subtract 50.0 mL from the new water level.

1.0 milliliter = 1.0 cubic centimeter

What is the volume of the object?

To find the Volume of Solid:

Use the formula Length x Width X Height. It doesn't matter what you consider your length, width, or height as long as you don't measure the SAME SIDE TWICE.

Watch the Stanley the Scientist iMovie to help you review the proper procedure for finding the volume of a box.

To Measure out grams of a substance.

1.Place the container on th etriple-beam balance.

2. Add the container's mass to the mass of the substance you need.

3. Set the riders to the sum of the contaner and the amount you need

4. Pour the substance in until the beam aligns with the 0 again.

For example:

If the mass of the empty container is 20.0 rams and you needed 35.0 grams of sugar. You would set the riders on the triple beam balance to 55.0 grams.

What did Stanley the Scientist do incorrectly?



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