Mrs. Deringer

LIVING THINGS Come From Other Living Things

Long ago, in the 1600's people thought that living things could come from nonliving matter. Have you ever seen flies buzzing around your food at a barbeque?

Well some people thought that the flies actually came from the food. Since maggots (the larva state of flies) could often be found on decaying (rotting) meat, many people, back then, thought that the maggots actually came from the rotting meat.

Francesco Redi, an Italian scientist, didn't believe this.


He thought that living things could ONLY come from other living things. And since the rotting meat was not living, it couldn't produce maggots.

Redi set up an experiment to test his hypothesis. He took three jars. In each jar he placed a piece of rotting meat. He left one jar uncovered. The second jar he sealed tightly with a lid. third He put a thin net over the third jar.

After a few days, Redi saw that maggots were only on the jar that was completely left open. He concluded that, the maggots were only on the jar that was left open because, the flies were able to land on the rotting meat in the open jar and lay eggs. No maggots were found on the meat that the flies couldn't directly touch. This experiment helped prove that LIVING THINGS ONLY COME FROM OTHER LIVING THINGS.






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