Mrs. Deringer - Heredity

"The study of how traits are passed on from one generation to another."


Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, is considered the Father of Genetics.

Back in 1865, Mendel cared for the monastery’s garden where he grew hundreds of pea plants. He was curious why some of the plants had different physical characteristics or traits.

Some pea plants grew tall while others were short. Mendel decided to cross plants with opposite forms of a trait. For example, tall plants and short plants.

On the right is an illustration of his results.

After growing and experiementing with thousands of pea plants he discovered why tall pea plants do not always produce tall pea plants.

He discovered how genes determine traits. He figured out that some traits are dominant while others are recessive. He figured out that genes come in pairs. Therfore, two alleles make a gene. The passing on of traits from parents to offspring is called heredity. For all these reasons he is considered the "Father of Genetics"

Sexual Reproduction

In sexual reproduction, the offspring receive ONLY HALF of the genes from each parent. This is why the offspring DO NOT look exactly alike. Click on the TV to watch a movie.

Organisms that reproduce through sexual reproduction are multicellular organisms like, animals and plants.Pea plants reproduce sexually.Therefore, they pass half their traits to their offspring.


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