Take the Life Cycle

1. A stage of the life cycle that a fruit fly goes through but a frog does not is the ____________________ stage.

(a) egg   (b) larva    (c) pupa   (d)adult

2.  Since fruit flies reproduce sexually the offspring will look ________ their parents.

(a) exactly like   (b) nothing like    (c) similar to    (d) grosser than

3.  The life cycle of a fruit fly is called complete because__________________

(a) it has many steps  (b) it goes into a pupa stage   (c) it has an egg stage   (d) none of these 

4. The correct sequence of a fruit fly's life cycle in correct order is __________________.

(a) egg, larva, pupa, adult  

(b) adult, larva , pupa, egg   

(c) egg, pupa, cocoon, adult  

(d) egg, larva, caterpillar, pupa, adult

5. A female fruit fly has _________ stripes on it abdomen than a male.

(a) less    (b) more    

6. The metamorphosis of butterfly is called_________________ metamorphosis.

(a) complete   (b) large    (c) incomplete  (d) pupa  

7. Three differences between male and female fruit flies are ________________

(a) size, color, and shape  

(b) size, sex combs, and number of stripes   

(c) size, sex combs, and intelligence :) 

(d) size, color, and number of legs. 

8. A frog's life cycle is called _________________ metamorphosis.

(a) complicated   (b) simple    (c) incomplete (d) complete

9. If a group of unknown organisms were found and they all contained identical genes we could assume that they reproduce ________________

(a) sexually   (b) through fertilization    (c) slowly (d) asexually

10. The males fruit flies have ________________.

(a) many arms   (b) sex brushes    (c) sex combs  (d) lots of legs

11. Drosophila Melanogaster is scientific name for a __________________.

(a) larva  (b) tadpole   (c) fruit fly   (d) butterfly  

12. Fruit flies reproduce through ________________.

(a) splitting   (b) plasmid    (c) asexual reproduction   (d) sexual reproduction

13. During the pupa stage of a fruit fly you will see ________________.

(a) the larva eating the food   (b) a cocoon    (c) an adult fly flying    (d) a small egg

14. During the larva stage of a fruit fly you will see ________________.

(a) the larva eating the food   (b) a cocoon    (c) an adult fly flying    (d) a small egg


15.Two reasons why Drosophila are studied by scientists are__________________________.

(a) they eat a lot of food and are really small   

(b) they fly and are cute    

(c) they are easy to take care of and are small   

(d) they only need a bath once a week and don't use too much soap


16. True or False: Fruit flies share 75% of the genes that causee disease with humans. :

True   False    


17. True or False: Fruit flies can get into your house when the fruit gives birth to the fruit fly.:

True   False  


18. True or False: Fruit flies shave 8 chromosomes.:

True   False    





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