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Genetic Engineering

"Changing an organism's genetic material"

In genetic engineering a specific gene from an organism is transferred to another organism. For example, you could add the human gene (recipe) for the protein insulin to bacteria. As the bacteria reproduces it will make the protein insulin. Then people with diabetes could use the insulin.

Here's how it works!!!

The gene is added to the bacteria's plasmid. The plasmid is the ring of DNA found inside bacteria. They can be removed by heating up the bacteria. Then the ring (plasmid) is chemically cut and the new gene is added. After it is added the plasmid is now called recombinant DNA because it has been recombined. Therefore the transformed plasmid is called recombinant DNA

The green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene is normally found in certain Pacific jellyfish. When these jellyfish are excited, GFP causes them to give off a fluorescent green light. In the picture on the right, the bacteria has been genetically engineered to glow in the dark. The GFP gene from the Pacific Jellyfish was inserted into the bacteria's ring of DNA, the plasmid. The plasmid was then inserted back into the bacteria. Every time the bacteria reproduces it makes an exact copy of itself, thereby reproducing the GFP gene.
Now it is your turn. The paper plate I gave you represents the bacteria. The pipe cleaner is the plasmid. The bead represents the gene you are adding.
For For your HW assignment , complete lab book page 77. Use this page as your draft. Then write a creative story which includes all the things on the rubric. The rubric is on page 78 of your lab book . You can also download one from left. Your story should include an explanation of the following terms: plasmid,(definition above) recombinant DNA, (definition above) how your bacteria got the gene, what organism your bacteria got the gene from, how your bacteria was transformed. Then decorate your plate to represent the newly added gene. Remember you can only add ONE GENE. For example, You cannot make your bacteria an elephant. To make an elephant takes thousands of genes. You are only adding ONE GENE.

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