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Asexual Reproduction

"Reproduction from one Parent"


Asexual Reproduction

In asexual reproduction, the offspring receive ALL the genes from the parent. This is why the offspring look EXACTLY alike. Watch the movie on the right on asexual reproduction.

Many organisms that reproduce through asexual reproduction are single-celled organisms like, paramecium, amoeba, and bacteria.

The picture on the right shows a amoeba reproducing through a type of asexual reproduction called binary fission. Binary Fission is when the organism splits into TWO equal parts. Then each part becomes a separate organism.

Plants can also reproduce through asexual reproduction. This type of reproduction is called vegetation propagation. Just cut the top off of a pineapple and place it in water. In a couple of days you will see roots appearing.
Budding is when a tiny part of the original organism grows into a separate organism. A Hydra like the one on the right reproduce this way.
Fragmentation is another form of asexual reproduction. The organism is split into "fragments or pieces". The pieces can each grow and become an separate organism. Start fish and certain worms can reproduce this way.

An example of heat transfer through conduction is



1. An organism, like bacteria, that reproduces asexually, will pass on (all of its traits to its offspring OR some of its traits to its offspring)?

2. Bacteria reproduce through (asexual reproduction OR sexual reproduction)?

4. The type of reproduction when a sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell is called (asexual OR sexual)?

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