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Air Pressure-

The force with which air presses down on the Earth

Believe it or not, air takes up space, has mass and weight.

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Air pressure is affected by three factors. .Let's use the acronym. . . . ... H. A. T.


The "H" stands for Humidity. As the Humidity increases air pressure decreases. That means as the amount of moisture in the air increases the air pressure decreases.


The "A" stands for Altitude. As the altitude increases the air pressure decreases. That means that there is less air pressure exerted on you when you are on the top of a mountain than when you are at sea level.


Finally, the "T" stands for Temperature. As the temperature of the air increases the air pressure decreases. Which means that warm air exerts LESS pressure than cold air. The tube on the left shows warm air molecules. See how far apart they are. Less pressure.

Hot air is less dense therefore it rises.

Cold air is more dense therefore it sinks.

Hot = Low pressure and Cold=High pressure.

As you can see the three things that affect air pressure have an inverse or opposite relationship.

For example, As the altitude increases air pressure

And as the temperature increases, air pressure

If the temperature decreases though, the air pressure will .

As the humidity increases air pressure

Do you think air is strong enough to crush a can?

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Why do your ears pop when you are on a plane?

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high pressure system is

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low pressure system is

Air pressure effects the weather.

High pressure systems bring fair cooler temperatures with clear skies

and Low pressure systems bring some form of precipitation and warmer temperatures.

Meteorologists use a barometer to measure the air pressure. A barometerlooks like this. Click on the barometer to see how it works..

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