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Air Masses: An air mass is a huge body of air with similar air temperature and humidity throughout.

**You are responsible for knowing these four different types of air masses.

The air temperature and humidity is determined by WHERE the air mass formed.

Where it formed
Continental forms over land which makes it . . .
Maritime forms over the sea which makes . . .
Tropical forms over warm areas which makes it . . .
Polar forms over cold areas which makes it . . .
Next, when you need to figure out the temperature and moisture content of the air mass. All you have to do is look at the characteristics above.

Type of Air Mass


Continental Polar
dry and cold
Continental Tropical
dry and warm
Maritime Polar
wet and cold
Maritime Tropical
wet and warm
Essential Questions for AIR MASSES

1. An air mass is

2. The four different air masses are

3. Air masses are characterized by

4. Maritime air masses form over the

5. Continental air masses form over the

6. Tropical air masses are

7. Polar air masses are

8. Maritime air masses are

9. Continental air masses are

10. A Continental Polar air mass would be

11. A Maritime Polar air mass would be

12. A Continental Tropical air mass would be

13. A Maritime Tropical air mass would be







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