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How to Make a Wet Mount Slide.

There are two types of slides, permanent and temporary. Permanent slides can be used over and over again. Temporary slides are made to be viewed for the day, and then they are cleaned and usually discarded.

Below you will see the procedure for making temporary slides.

Here is the procedure for aking a wet mount slide of a letter.

1. Use the eyedropper to place a drop of water on the center of a microscope slide
2. Use the tweezers to position the letter "e" in the center of the drop.
3. Holding the cover slip at a 45 degree angle, lower it slowly over the drop of water.

Click on the TV to watch a movie on how to make a wet mount slide of a letter.

Here's what the letter "e" looks like under low and high power. As you can see, the specimen appears to be upside down and backwards.

When you switch to high power the field of view DECREASES.

Field of view is the amount of the specimen you are able to see. The higher the power, the less you see of the entire specimen. This is why it is always better to begin focusing on the lowest power possible. Beginning on the lowest power gives you the "Widest field of View", which means you will be able to see the entire specimen.

For example, you most likely learned the alphabet in preschool, yet it is difficult to tell that the specimen under high power in the picture above is the letter "e".


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