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Storm Projects

We have been studying about the weather. Now it's your turn to create a storm project.

Step 1: Choose a Storm:

Nor 'easter

Step 2: Make up a Question about your storm:

What would you like to know about this type of storm? Make up your own question.

Step 3: Conduct Research to find the answer to your question.

Use the storm links on my Earth Science web page to help you research.

The due date for the project is March 21st 2014. While completing your project, be sure to look at the rubrics that are included in your earth science lab book and below.

Remember even if you are working with a partner, you will have YOUR OWN QUESTION AND ANSWER. You will then combine the two answers in your presentation. No more than two in a group. You will submit for grading one typed paragraph of your question and answer. Your paragraph cannot contain any plagiarism!!!!

It must be written in ALL your own words. Regardless of the presentation format you choose, they all have the same point value for the research portion. Writing the paragraph is your own words is worth 45 points.


Diorama Gameboard iMovie Powerpoint

To check if your paragraph is free of plagiarsm, simply type each sentence into goggle search. If a your sentence comes up bold face on another website then you need to change your words.


Step 4: Choose a way to present the answer to your question.

iMovie Podcast Powerpoint Diorama 3D Model Board Game

Step 5: Complete your presentation project by the due date and
be prepared to show it to the class.

You can click on any of the pictures below to watch projects that were completed

last year using that type of presentation option.


What is a hurricane?

How do tornadoes form?

A tornado is coming!
What should you do?

How do Tornadoes Form?

What was the biggest Tornado ever?

What do you do if you're caught in a lightning storm?

What is the
fujita scale?

How long do tornadoes last?

What's the difference between a hurricane and a blizzard?


How do you prepare for a hurricane?

Where is Tornado Alley?

Podcasts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Powerpoints

How are hurricanes rated?

How do you prepare for a huricane?

How Does Lightning form?
What causes a tornado?
What kind of damage do tornadoes cause?
What are floods?

What was a famous Tornado?

Dioramas, 3D Models, and Board Games



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