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Looking for donations . . . . The plants in our indoor greehouse died due to all the construction at West Hollow over the summer. We released our butterflies in the greenhouse and Mrs. Rothenberger and I purchased many butterfly friendly plants this weekend.

If you have a plant you would like to donate to our greenhouse it would be so appreciated.

Thank you so much to all of you who have already donated !!!


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Extra Help in room 209

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

7:20 am - 7:50 am

If you are ever absent look at the answer key bulletin board for the answers to the lab book pages you missed.

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This Week's Classwork in Science

Week of October 20th

Monday -

What were the results of our apple and lemon juice lab?

Lab book page 17

Smart Board Game to review scientifc method.

Tuesday -

What do unicelluar organisms look like?

Lab book pages 58 - 59


Wednesday -

What is DNA?

Lab book pages 60 - 63






Read DNA is Here is stay books

Lab book pages 65 - 66




Week of October 27th

Monday - 10/27

What will DNA look like?

Lab book pages 69 - 70

Tuesday - 10/28



Wednesday - 10/29


Lab book pages


Thursday- 10/30

Lab book pages


Friday- 10/31


Happy Halloween

Cyber bullying Assembly







































This Week's Topic:

Unicellular Organisms and DNA

Homework Due

Free Cell Model draft edit needs to be handed in on or before 10/22.

Project is Due on Tuesday October 28th

Our next test is on Thursday 10/23


Here is how the one question quiz works.

Each week on Thursday or Friday your homework is due.

1. If you didn't complete the assignment you will receive a M = 0% for that homework assignment, and you cannot take the one question quiz. Your homework assignment is considered "M" if you leave any answers blank. If you don't understand a question it is your responsibility to come and see me so that I can help you BEFORE the due date. This does not mean a few minutes before class begins.

2. If you did complete EVERY question on the assigned page, you will be given a 1 question quiz based on the homework assignment.

a. If you answer the question correctly you will receive a 100% for that homework assignment.

b. If you answer the question incorrectly you will receive a 75% for that homework assignment.

c. You cannot make up the assignment, but throughout the quarter there will be optional homework assignments given that if you complete, it can be used to replace a previous missing assignment.

We will then go over all the correct answers in class.